Comunication Skills

We focus heavily on English communication skills, both oral and written. We make sure you get resources that can understand your business and the problems you want to solve.

Technical Knowledge

We validate how Candidates work by assigning them challenging real projects. Resources should work for us on at least 2 projects before we offer their services to potential clients.


We look for commitment from our candidates. We look at things such as responsibility, dedication, and perseverance to be a cornerstone for a remote developer.


Excellent English Communication Skills both Oral and Written

All resources need to have excellent English skills. Communication skills are also focused on technical language. We provide resources that have the ability to deliver clear messages in all aspects of software development.

Technical Skills

New Candidates should Work for Us on at least 2 Projects before offering their Services to Potential Clients

Our technical skills assessment is based on the work assignment of internal solutions or task assignment from open-source projects we own. As part of this process, we request technical designs, review the source code as any software development team would, and finally test functionality. We also assess other technical skills such as Source Control Management, Database, UI / UX, and DevOps.


Hire Experts and Specialist in your Timezone

Located at the center(Dominican Republic) of the LATAM region, we have connections in the whole region that allow us to provide the best talent in the technologies we are experts at.


Hire Specialists in The Technologies you Use

We only offer you candidates in technologies we are experts at. This approach allows us to provide you with the best candidates in each technology. We offer services of Nearshore Staff Augmentation in our current Techstack called ForcePyNets => Salesforce, .NET, Python and Javascript.