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Why join us?

Join a team focus on results.

  • Team Work

    We encourage teamwork at all levels; colleagues can learn from others and share ideas.

  • Growth Opportunity

    We are constantly searching for new business opportunities for our colleagues.

  • Flexible Work Environment

    We believe in a work-life balance environment for all our employees; Extra hours only when needed.

  • Continuous Learning

    We encourage our colleagues to learn new technologies and innovate in their day-to-day activities.

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What we offer

A competitive rate plus Certifications and Time-Leave paid.

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    Competitive Rates

    A competitive rate or salary for all positions. Based on your experience and your evaluation.

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    Overtime Hours Paid

    We pay you 40 hours per week plus any extra hours you allocate and approved.

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    Remote Jobs

    Most jobs are remote, you can work wherever you want as long as you are available.

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    Courses & Certification

    We offer up to 500 dollars per year in courses and certs.

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    Time-Leave Paid

    Remote workers have up to 20 days paid per year.

Our Mission

Find and Develop High-Performance Talent.

Our mission is to Find and Deliver High-Performance talent in the information technology industry, who help organizations mitigate the shortage of qualified personnel, and who contribute significantly to the execution of large-scale projects.

Our Recruiting Process

We recruit based on the candidate’s communication, tech knowledge, and commitment.

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    We search, evaluate, and match candidates' CVs based on the open positions.

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    We send to candidates an HR assessment and several Tech Assessments.

    Culture Fit Assessment

    We evaluate candidate's professional behaviors and his/her skills in English, Math, and Attention to Details.

    Technical Assessment

    After culture fit is sent and passed, we send candidates custom-made tech challenges and online proctored exams based on the position they are being recruited for.

    Finally, the Candidate must send a Video explaining the solution and the Link to the app.

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    In-depth interviews made by HR professionals and Tech Evaluators.

    HR Interview

    This is an interview conducted by an HR professional. We determine how a candidate work, their hobbies, values and their professional goals.

    Tech Lead Interview

    An expert in the position will evaluate the candidate from a technical perspective. He/she will evaluate their Tech assessments, Review the app or the tech solution sent.

    After the evaluation is completed, the Tech Evaluator will Interview the candidate and provide his/her feedback.

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    Culture Fit

    We conduct the final interview to validate if the candidate is a good fit for the position.

    Final Interview

    This interviewed is either conducted by us or by the client.

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Join a Team of Experts.

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